Settlement Program

Division Two's appellate settlement program, implemented in 1998, affords litigants an opportunity to settle their disputes in a faster and less costly manner than proceeding on appeal. Settling cases at the inception of the appeal, usually within one month of filing the notice of appeal, conserves court resources and saves the litigants time, money, and the emotional trauma of a lengthy appeal and the risk of appeal to a higher court or remand to a lower court. In mediation, the parties are permitted to actively create a solution that meets their needs, rather than waiting for the court to decide for them.

Rule 30 of the Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure governs the program. Most civil matters are eligible for appellate mediation, including domestic relations and worker's compensation cases. Active and retired appellate judges serve as mediators. Formal appellate briefs are not necessary, although the parties are required to file a confidential settlement statement before the conference is held.

Interested parties may direct questions about the program to the settlement conference attorney, Geri Mose Mahrt.

Download Mediation Program Policies (PDF format)
Download Confidential Settlement Statement (Word format)
Download Confidential Settlement Statement for Industrial Commission (IC) (Word format)