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CAUTION: Published opinions of Division Two of the Arizona Court of Appeals normally are filed on the next business day following the court’s issuance of a Notice of Forthcoming Opinion in the case. Later proceedings in other courts may affect the legal status of any Opinion. For example, an Opinion could be vacated or reversed in whole or in part by the Arizona Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court.

The Arizona Supreme Court may also order that an Opinion be depublished. In addition, an Opinion might later be changed, in whole or in part, or might be vacated by Division Two pursuant to a motion for reconsideration filed in the case. Any steps taken by Division Two to note any such later actions or to amend or adjust its listing of posted Opinions in light of subsequent developments should not be viewed as a guarantee of accuracy or completeness. The reader is cautioned to confirm independently the current legal status of any Opinion posted on this web site.

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